First Premier Bank Login Guide for Online Banking

first premier bank login

First Premier Banks gives their clients access to their bank accounts. People who have an account with the lender handle their bank account activities and can handily login anytime. Here’s a guide to assist you login to your First Premier Bank accounts, reset your password and then register for the internet banking solutions.

How To Do First Premier Bank Login

You can login anytime and access your bank account For those who have enrolled for the banking services. You will need your login ID and password to login. Follow these simple Measures to access your online account:

Step 1-Open on your Internet browser

Step 2- Click”login ID”

Sep 3 – Input your login ID and password and then click on”login”


If you can login to your account that is online because you’ve forgotten your password , you can reset it provided you have a login ID. Your password can be reset by you in these simple measures:

Step 1- Again, enter your login ID and password and then click on”login”

Step 2- Click”forgot your password?”

Step 3 -Enter your user ID and click”submit”

The lender will send a new password for your email address


If you have an account with First Premier Bank, you are able to register for the internet banking services in under 5 minutes. It’s pretty straight forward-just like setting up any account that is online. Follow these steps to register for the online banking services:

Step 1- Choose your account type by simply clicking the roll down menu

Step 2- Carefully fill in the details required (account type, account number, date of birth, social security number, and asked login ID, and click”continue”

By supplying all the information required and clicking”continue,” you will have enrolled for the internet banking services offered by First Premier Bank


When you register an Internet account with First Premier Bank, you will not only take the Benefit of having a safe and secure platform but also enjoy the following benefits:

  • You can cover your bills anytime
  • Make payments
  • Access your eStatements
  • Check your transaction history


First Premier Bank is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and it’s the 10th largest issuer of MasterCard credit cards in the U.S. The lender specializes in a selection of credit cards that are marketed.

At the time of October 2010, First Premier Bank was cited for providing the baddest credit card. According to the group, the lender charged up to 59 percent interest on credit cards that are limited to $300. The charge cards are using the titles First Premier in addition to Centennial and Aventium.

Should devalue your banking choices to mainstream the lenders establishing or rebuilding your own credit may be hard.

You may raise your odds of opening your lines of credit by choosing a lender that focuses on assisting customers to secure financing and rising your credit score. Here a few points which will help you figure out if First Premier Bank is the lender for you have been covered by us.


Author Thomas Denny Sanford created in 1986 first Premier Bank. The bank has an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau and has been commended by leaders in the credit sector and the lending for its availability of banking services all kinds of consumers.

The bank also received compliments for separate review sites for supplying customers a reasonable line of charge to help them institute responsible purchasing and payment characteristics.
Customers have the opportunity to increase their lines of credit supply they make payments in time and express responsible borrowing behaviour. A amount of customers are given an increase of 100 to 200 dollars after using their credit cards to get one year responsibly.
Similarly, First Premier Bank makes its banking services available to a vast assortment of clients, from college and university students only starting out in life to the older who have already retired and are looking to build a posit credit rating.
The lender aims customer who are rebuilding their credit after bankruptcy or divorce.
The acceptance procedure for First Premier Bank credit and finance services is likely to be faster and more lenient than the approval process utilized by other high end lenders and financial institutions.
In addition, customers are able to apply for credit and easily manage their bank account and credit cards online from your bank’s website.


Despite the bank’s attempt in helping people to rebuild their credit and find out a few simple borrowing and borrowing characteristics, it has received some criticism from particular independent inspection websites where reviewers have noticed that the bank charge a higher interest rate on principle line of credit the bank offers to its customers.

Actually, some client are charged.

In addition, First Premier Bank provides charges with its customers a one-time fee of $95 to start an account. That amount is taken from the initial line of charge without having to buy something, putting clients in debt.
First Premier Bank also received negative comments for its yearly fees. These fees can vary and for each year that your card is maintained by you.
Additionally, First Premier Bank charges its clients a monthly maintenance fee of 6.95 for their own accounts.
When these fees are united with the high rate of interest, it may lead to financial distress that could put the consumer behind their payments, and in the end of the day, they will have little real credit to make purchases.
A larger percentage of the money they pay goes towards the interest and fees rather than the genuine principle. It takes clients longer to repay what they owe the lender.
The lender also received less than favourable reviews for its controversial collection practices. Clients have stated that Premier Bank agents will call them at work rather than at home. Beyond the legal time frame for making the collection calls, they call Additionally.

First Premier Bank Online Banking Login Wire Transfer

You should know that the First Premier Bank has the headquarters of itself in South Dakota. The bank offers banking and financial services to its clients.

It is known that Wire Transfer is a way by which funds are transferred from one financial institution to another. A wire transfer is made from 1 account to another where money flows in a money office. It’s the most affordable method of transferring funds.

Bank wire transfers are an easy and convenient way to send cash to another account, but it can be very pricey. There might be for receiving incoming ones of costs between you and another person as the banks charge a fee for both sending wires and split.

There are two sorts of wire transfers. Wire transfers aid in getting money within the USA and also International Wire Transfers is used from foreign nations. You need to provide your banking details to the sender for transfer of funds, although the transaction is initiated from the sender with a financial institution.

Routing Numbers

Routing number assists the consumers in getting and sending wire transfers. Here is the listing of various amounts. The amount that is routing can be chosen by you in accordance with your city to begin the wire transfer.

Here is the routing numbers listed below:

  • 091408598 — Sioux Falls, SD
  • 091408585 — Sioux Falls, SD
  • Locate the Routing number on a test

It is very easy to locate the routing number on a check. It’s located in the bottom of the check and it includes first nine digits.

International Wire Transfer to First Premier Bank

Global wire transfer is an easy and safe way of receiving money from foreign countries. Banks use the concept of system for exchanging messages necessary for international wire transfer. The receiving bank and the bank need to have contact to begin the transfer that is SWIFT.

Please use the following wire instructions to Get wire transfer on your First Premier Bank account:

Beneficiary — First Premier Bank
Address — Sioux Falls, SD
Routing Number — 091408598
Customer’s Name — Your name as it appears on your statement
Client’s Account Number — Your complete First Premier Bank account number
Domestic wire transfer to First Premier Bank

To get domestic wire transfers, please supply the financial institution with the following bank and account information.

  • Bank Name — First Premier Bank
  • Routing Number — 091408598
  • Address of Bank — Sioux Falls, SD
  • Beneficiary’s Name — Your name as it appears in your statement
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number — Your complete First Premier Bank account number
  • Wire Transfer fees for First Premier Bank

The trade charges of wire transfer vary depending upon the trade. You have to contact the customer care service in 800-501-6535.


First Premier Bank has been fully operational for the last 30 years and has offered high-risk borrows and opportunity to rebuild their credit and borrow money. You can make a solid decision whether its banking and lending services are good for you by considering the above points.


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