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There is no second thought that a good dressing sense reflects your personality. Nowadays many sorts of styles can be seen in which men look hot and sexy as well. We have listed out a few such styles which look dashing on men.  A good look reflects a persona as well as it also boosts the self-confidence of a man.

A plain black/white t-shirt

A basic t-shirt can never go off trend as it looks amazing on any man who wears it. A basic black t-shirt or a white t-shirt can be worn with ease and it also looks simple and elegant on any man. You can surely pair up that t-shirt with a pair of jeans and you are ready for any outing. It is very easy as well as hassle-free. This is also a wardrobe necessity to have one of both in it. Not so tight or body con t-shirts are the perfect ones.

A watch

A watch is just like the cherry on top of the cake, the cake will look nice without the cherry but it will surely lack finish. It’s strange that a watch is something that gives a smart look to anything which you are wearing, this also includes pyjamas and a loose shirt. Any casual clothing suddenly gets a touch of smartness just by wearing a watch. I think it’s a must to wear a watch for every man as it looks hot. It also sharpens the look of any man who puts it on.

Formal suit

The formal suit itself speaks of elegance. I guess, just like mine, the weakness of women is a man in a suit. It looks very appealing as well as gorgeous. A perfect suit is just what makes a man look sexier. You do not need to wear a tuxedo or go for a pure formal look you can also go for a tailored suit any day.


Easy to put on and no hassle of tying the laces, oh! The boots are just perfect to put on and look amazing on a man.


Aviators are an everyday pick. Pair it up with anything and you will rock your look for sure. I have never come across a man who does not look sexy in aviators. A sexy men with aviators just grabs the attention instantly. Not just aviators but there are many stylish sunglasses that look sexy on men such as vintage sunglasses or the round-shaped ones, all look sexy.

Good pair of jeans

Numerous women have agreed to the fact that rough jeans and a plain black or white T-shirt makes a man look appealing. It has all the charm which is needed for a hot men to rock his look. Apart from this, it is also necessary that you have rugged jeans in your wardrobe for sure. a comfy and not so skinny pair of jeans is a necessary cloth because it can be paired up with all your t-shirts as well as shirts.

An athletic or gym wear

Any man looks sexy while gyming or exercising. A man should definitely choose his gym to wear carefully as it is a truth that every girl or woman notices a hot men while gyming. Instead of going for those regular shorts and a loose t-shirt, shift to good gym wear.

Tight joggers and a jacket, god!!! It looks so sexy.


As our elder’s quote ” a person’s personality is reflected by their shoes”. I guess a pair of stylish shoes just helps you become a hot men. It looks perfect when you pair up the right shoes with the right clothing. Pair Sneakers look hot as well.


Hoodies on men look really sexy. A casual hoody look with a pair of sneakers looks amazing. It is just for the morning breakfast as well as evening party. It gives any man a very cool look.

Unbuttoned vintage shirt

Vintage shirt, no doubt gives you a sexy men look but when you unbutton the first few ones, god!! It looks so hot! Vintage shirt with a good pair of jeans and shoes is easy to pair up as well as it is highly comfortable. Actually, aviators with the shirt would just add more flavour to your look. You won’t have to worry about pairing it up as it will even go with rugged jeans.


How amazing it is that when you have to go for a wedding, a party or even an outing, a blazer is an option which will go on all such events! The blazer looks very hot on men and there is no doubt about it. The best part is that you can pair the blazer with pants or jeans as well. A T-shirt, jeans, and blazer are just a perfect good to go for clothes. A blazer is comfortable too.

White shirt

Oh my! A White shirt and pants? Okay, so the sexy men stole the attention of all the women of the place. The white plane shirt is a wardrobe necessity. If you don’t have one, then go buy one right away boy because of all women like that elegance of man in a white shirt with a pair of pants or even good jeans.

V neck sweaters with rolled-up sleeves

V-necks always look good on men but the sweaters with sleeves rolled up, look sexier and also smarter. A v-neck sweater can be paired up with a pair of jeans or pants as well. This casual look is perfect for a hot men. When you roll up the sleeves do not forget to wear a watch, believe me, it will give a spark to your look.

Before getting dressed up in the morning some things a man should definitely have in mind such as the look they are about to carry is looking good on them or not, you are feeling comfortable in what you are wearing and at last that it catches the eye of ladies. Do not mismatch your clothing, which most men do.

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