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Miniskirts can hardly ever go out of the trend no matter how many decades may pass by. It has been almost half a century that the hot mini skirt has taken over the fashion runway. Be it any season or any occasion, styling the miniskirt in a number of ways has been the most refreshing trend ever. This is the reason that amidst the newly discovered fashion trends, you still cannot let go off the old-school look of the hot girl in mini skirt – it’s captivating!

Though the skirt has remained the same, it’s styling has evolved a lot over time. Don’t worry; we are going to tell you everything about styling an old miniskirt and get a trendy look. But before you do that, learn about their types.

Peplum Mini Skirts

Peplum Mini skirts have come into the fashion industry recently and have made its place in the hot teen mini skirt category. These types of minis usually rise to the waistline and have an added upper layer of flare to it. The pleated flares add an extra amp to your waist and enhance the shape while the skirt is made to remain fit to the body shape, which creates a high contrast of fit and flare. It looks absolutely fabulous when styled with a round neck t-shirt and some high heels.

Sequined Silver Mini Skirts

Though it came to the fashion industry long time back, it has evolved a lot with time. The particular skirt has a party personality going on with the gorgeous silver jazz, and that’s why it has earned its place among the Mini skirt hot category. It is usually worn low-waist and paired with a black upper garment of your preference. Not to forget, the gorgeous pair of box heels!

Lace Embellished Mini Skirts

Undoubtedly, laces take you back to the Victorian times when everything used to be too chic and too polished. Till now, nothing much has changed, and there can be no better choice than a mini lace skirt to attain a similar look. Beginning from the mid-waistline, the lace minis are filled with unique lace detailing and look gorgeous if paired with solid full sleeves and a pair of stilettoes.

Distressed Denim Mini Skirts

If there’s something which hasn’t at all changed over time, are the denim mini skirts. Keeping aside the fact that they have now been distressed a bit, there is not a single change to spot. These mini skirts look extremely bohemian and cool and can give you the extra dosage of fashion. Pair it up with shirt or a cropped top and some wedges!

Leather Bodycon Mini Skirts

Leather minis are something quite nostalgic, and probably every 90s girl out there had such a hot pink mini skirt just like Hannah Montana. However, the good news is, it’s again back in trend, and you can still consider rolling up in it. Such a skirt is usually high-waisted and looks absolutely amazing if paired with a cropped top and a denim jacket. Oh! Don’t forget your high-ankle sneakers.

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