How to wash Nike Shoes – Complete Guide


Cleaning or washing Nike shoes may not differ from cleaning other white shoes or athletic shoe brands. You can refer to the Guinness World Record holder Jordy Geller, who holds the record for having a wide range of sneaker collection. He almost had around 2,500 Nike Shoes and keeps it so clean from day one by using the elbow grease and a few household items. Make use of lying things for washing sneakers or washing tennis shoes using an old toothbrush, some rags, and a soft brush.

Causes for Shoe Smell – How to Clean them

Can you put Nike shoes in the washer if it causes more smell? For numerous reasons, your shoes may cause you to smell. With frequent wear, it will automatically absorb the sweat from your feet. If it is not properly dried out then it will start to cause an unpleasant odor. You need to properly air out the sweat by washing shoes or wearing another shoe regularly.

The other reasons to cause a smell that includes not wearing socks (which will assist to absorb your feet sweat) or fungus such as poor ventilation or athlete’s foot. A few materials may also cause odours like leather which will allow you feet for breathing or trap your feet sweat.

How to wash Nike shoes

You can follow the below-cleaning process to know how to wash Nike free runs or how to clean Nike free runs in simple steps:

Washing Nike Shoes

Make use of Protector & Waterproof Solution – If you have purchased Nike shoes for the first time then you need to use the protector and a waterproof solution before wearing. This will assist to maintain your shoes cleanly for a longer period.

Utilize Non-Alcohol Wipes – If you are able to see the stains or dirt then utilize the non-alcohol wipes to clean it immediately. The soles should be properly brushed to remove the stones or dirt from affecting the sneaker’s traction.

Mild Weakly Cleaning Process – You can follow the below process:

  • You can remove the dirt by dry brushing from the upper textile & soles and make use of a soft bristle brush for it. In case if the high-quality shoe brush is not available then you can at least use the old medium or soft toothbrush for cleaning.
  • The lukewarm warm can be mixed with a drop of dish soap or mild laundry detergent to create a cleaning solution from removing the stubborn stains.
  • Nike Company will never recommend the users for washing shoes in washing machine or washing shoes in washer or heat-drying or bleach. These shoes require delicate cleaning and careful wearing.

The professionals will create their homemade cleaning solution by creating a paste using the combination of Diluted Hydrogen peroxide (1/2 tablespoon) and Baking soda (1 tablespoon). Just locate the dirty spots or stains and apply the paste then scrub it gently using the toothbrush. The soles can be cleaned from hard stains or black marks using the magic eraser. It is advisable not to use the magic eraser on your shoes textile parts, mesh, and leather.

Wash Laces Regularly – Remove the laces from your show and place it within the cleaning solution mixed with warm water (one full bowl of water). At least for 30 minutes, you need to soak, gently rub the laces, and then rinse using the clean water and finally dry it. If you prefer to change your Nike shoe appearance with the fresh look then you need to purchase a new lace.

Wash Soles – The mild solution can be applied to your Nike shoes and utilize the soft-bristled brush to clean your shoe’s midsole or outsole. Dry your shoes using a soft cloth.

Wash properly & Blot – The mild solution can be applied to your Nike shoes and utilize the soft-bristled brush to clean your shoe’s uppers. Make use of a soft cloth or dry microfiber towel for cleaning blot & lifting it from dirt and soapy moisture. You can repeat the same process if required.

Maintain the Shoe Shape – After cleaning or washing sneakers then you need to place in trees for air-dry within the room temperature. You can use the paper towel or an old light-coloured towel from maintaining its shape.

Reduce the Shoe Odor – Make use of any deodorizer-disinfectant spray, they will offer the antimicrobial elements to reduce the smell & kill the bacteria. If it is endured with odour then you have to replace or wash the insoles properly.

Cleaning the Insoles – Regularly you need to clean your shoe’s insoles properly. It is required to take the insoles out from your shoes and soak with soapy water. You need to dry it properly in the air before placing it into your shoes.

Enjoy wearing the Nike Shoes – Even after cleaning if your shoes are still looking dirty then you need to repeat the entire cleaning process again or replace it with a new shoe. Some of the recommended Nike shoes are Nike Arrowz (Stylish and Light), Nike Tanjum (Affordable & Comfortable), or Nike Air Force One (Classical one).

How to wash Nike shoes in Washer or Washing Machine

You can follow the below process to know how to wash Nike shoes in Washer or Washing Machine:


  • A brush cleaner
  • A wash bag or pillowcase
  • Baking soda: 3 tablespoons
  • Dirty Nike Shoes
  • Liquid detergent
  • A Washer or Washing machine
  • Numerous towels

Cleaning Process

Washing Nike Shoes
  • An earlier night you need to sprinkle the baking soda (approximately 3 tablespoons) on your Nike shoes & leave it to dry for overnight. Remove the sprinkles in the morning.
  • Remove the shoelaces and prevent them from knotted or tangled by placing within the wash bag or a pillowcase.
  • Place the same in the Washing machine or washer. Make use of an old toothbrush or brush cleaner to clean the debris or mud from your sneakers.
  • Along with several towels (at least 4 or 6 towels required), add your Nike shoes to the washing machine or washer. The towels will assist to prevent your Nike shoes from slam and balance the load within the washer or washing machine.
  • Your washer should run using the cold delicate cycle mode using the liquid detergent. Based on your washer or washing machine, it will wash properly for at least 40 minutes.
  • Once it is completed, you can remove the Nike shoes and keep them for air dry. It is advisable not to use the dryer, which may damage the glue or warp them together.

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