What Is Richard Dean Anderson Doing Now?

Richard Dean Anderson

Richard Dean Anderson became renowned in the mid-1980s after his role as”Angus MacGyver” at MacGyver and we certainly loved to see him portraying the iconic character! But the Minnesota native has really worked on several projects because the series concluded in 1992.

The 1985 series MacGyver is a genuine classic and part of it is thanks to Richard Dean Anderson! From 1985 to 1992 that the 69-year-old American actor played the main character “Angus MacGyver” also called “Mac”, a positive action hero who was employed as a secret agent for the fictional Department of External Services, also as a troubleshooter for its also fictional Phoenix Foundation at Los Angeles.

Richard Dean Anderson

In the time of joining the casting of MacGyver Richard Dean Anderson had already appeared in some tv shows like General Hospital, Now’s F.B.I., and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, but it seems that his work as”Mac” opened him longer doors in Hollywood. The final episode of MacGyver was broadcast in 1992 but Richard Dean Anderson went on acting; in 1997 he began to appear in the Stargate franchise as”Jack O’Neill” at Stargate SG-1, reprising his role in Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe, at 2004 and 2009, respectively, as well as in the 2008 movie Stargate SG-1 Continuum. However, what’s the star been up to lately?

What is the MacGyver star Richard Dean Anderson performing today?

Richard Dean Anderson has been working on different projects lately. In 2011 he performed the roles of”David Smith” in the American legal comedy-drama series Fairly Legal; and”Keith” from the sitcom Raising Hope. One year after he reprised his role as”Angus MacGyver” in the 2012 show Mercedes Benz: MacGyver and the New Citan; and most lately in 2013 he played in one episode of the American sitcom Do Not Trust the B– at Apartment 23.

In the past several years the actor has been quite active within environmental associations all over the world. He is actually a member of Board of Advisors of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and has worked with the Earth Rivers Expeditions.

Richard Dean Anderson

Five facts about Richard Dean Anderson

  • Like his two most famous characters, “Angus MacGyver” and “Jack O’Neill” the celebrity was increased in Minnesota
  • He’s a 20-year-old daughter named Wylie Quinn
  • Richard Dean Anderson wanted to become a professional hockey player… until he broke both of his arms
  • He was able to perform as a mime before acting in tv
  • “Angus MacGyver’s” birthday is January 23, 1951, the like Anderson’s!

Look Inside Richard Dean Anderson’s House in Malibu

It’s a drizzly February Dawn in Malibu, However, the weather is Not keeping Richard Dean Anderson indoors.
The wiry actor is kicking back to some well-worn sofa on his back porch, enjoying the misty ocean view with Andy, his Australian shepherd, and Daisy, a Staffordshire-Shiba Inu” combo plate, I have the coffee and fall asleep then.”

Richard Dean Anderson house

In 59, the guy most of us understand best as MacGyver–that the brainy (but brawny) spy in the tv series of the exact same name–sports a complete head of steel-colored hair and has”semiretired” from show business to elevate his 10-year-old daughter, Wylie. If the celebrity (and inveterate adventurer) has mellowed through the years, at least some of this credit goes to that porch and that house. Anderson was spending most of his time at Vancouver, British Columbia, working as an actor and producer to the Sci-Fi channel’s Stargate SG-1 series, when a two-acre spread with land -ending views persuaded him to put down roots in Malibu’s northern reaches. The property encouraged an old ranch house that”I gradually watched cave on me until it became evident I was going to be building,”
In addition to wanting to draw on those substances, Anderson, a native of Minneapolis,”understood the phrase Minnesota was there somewhere. I always kind of swooned at the sight of their traditional barn structures in northern and central Minnesota, where everything seemed rustic and weathered and made to age gracefully.” After sketching out some rough plans for his new home, he hired architects Erik Evens and Patricia Baker, of KAA Design Group, and interior designer Adaline Fagen, of Espace Design, to bring it into life. The traditional midwestern farmhouse is tweaked by the house they ultimately came up with enough also to accommodate the actor’s personal want list and to match the site. “Our bill was really to take those nostalgic remembrances of both Rick’s and to combine them with something that was relevant to this Southern California beach lifestyle,” states Evens.

The rambling home is sited in the middle of its eye-catching red-cedar siding, a gently sloping lot along with zinc roof getting better with age. Inside, the ceilings are all coffered using rough-hewn beams, and the floors are covered in oak. Generously proportioned a floor plan, bedrooms and walls of French doors leading open the area up to the views along with the California sunlight that was brilliant.

Richard Dean Anderson house

For her role, Adaline Fagen was contested”unearth Rick’s design” and also to create the large scale rooms, especially the 1,000-square-foot all-wood living room, cozy and functional. The space divided into different entertaining and living areas and heated these up with furniture and Tibetan rugs. You will find antiques and throughout the home, however they tend to be sturdy pieces. Along with the palette takes its cue in the tones of the timber.

Over the span of his life, the celebrity had managed to fill several storage containers with personal effects, also Fagen combed through these for intimate items she could showcase around the home –old musical instruments, fight helmets out of Anderson’s grandfather, ancestral silver spoon sets. All those glass doors restrict the amount of available wall space, however, the designer created the most of what’s there, fleshing out the actor’s collection of black-and-white photography with prints by Henri Cartier-Bresson and Sebastião Salgado and functioning in a unique blend of paintings and lithographs. The effect is both homey and worldly.

When your customer likes to play hockey that is significant. Anderson’s chief occupation these days is that of lone daddy, while he’s involved with the launching of a new Stargate show. He and Wylie (who handpicked her bedroom green paint colour and floral rug) are crazy about beach living–or nearly mad. “When I moved to California, I had been swimming naked in the ocean,” confides the actor.

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