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Celebs Rashida Jones Net Worth Biography and History

Rashida Jones Net Worth Biography and History


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Rashida Jones Net Worth: $10 Million

About Rashida Jones

As for the day, Rashida Jones net worth is estimated at $10 million dollars, so she is pretty far from becoming the highest-earning actresses in the world. Her movie and film appearances are not exceptionally numerous too, but throughout her career, Rashida Jones

has created quite a few extremely lovable characters, such as Karen Filippelli on The Office, Ann Perkins on the sitcom Parks and Recreation, Louisa Fenn on Boston Public and Celeste on Celeste and Jesse Forever. But aside from her greatest roles, which boosted Rashida Jones net worth to millions of dollars, there are plenty of other interesting and relatively unknown things concerning the life and career of this gorgeous actress. For example, it is unlikely for her to become one of the highest-paid female actresses any time soon, but none the less, it is quite possible that in the future she will be among the richest ones. How exactly this could happen? This and other questions will be answered in the following paragraphs.

Rashida Jones photo

With the exception of her greatest fans, few people know that Rashida Jones was born in a family of two prominent celebrities. Her mother, Margaret Ann Lipton, better known as Peggy Lipton, was a model and actress. She ascended to stardom with The Mod Squad and latter appeared in a variety of other television series, including Twin Peaks (as Norma Jennings). Rashida‘s father, Quincy Jones, has managed to build an even more astonishing career in the entertainment business. Quincy, currently 82 years old, is widely recognized film producer, television producer and perhaps most importantly – musician, instrumentalist and composer, who has worked with such legends as Frank Sinatra. Throughout his life, Rashida‘s father has received 27 Grammies and was nominated for this award 79 times (this is a record). No wonder his fortune currently amounts to $350 million dollars, making Rashida Jones net worth seem quite modest.

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Peggy, along with her siblings, is likely to inherit most of this fortune and this is the reason why I suggested that she might become one of the richest actresses in Hollywood. However, knowing that her financial safety has been guaranteed ever since she was born did not stop Rashida Jones from pursuing personal career and trying to provide for herself. In one of her interviews the actress has said: „Look, I have parents who have accomplished so much. I have a father who is from nothing and conquered the world. The last thing I’m gonna to do is to sit here and spend his money and will try to look pretty. That’s not interesting to me at all. I’ve been acting professionally for 15 years, and I’ve had to prove myself. Someone may think, Oh, everything was handed to her, but it doesn’t really work that way“. So, as you can see, the moving force behind Rashida Jones net worth is her own talent and hard work, not her rich father.

Now you know very well why Rashida Jones net worth is this huge


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