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Celebs Why Thomas Gibson Divorced His Wife Christine - Real...

Why Thomas Gibson Divorced His Wife Christine – Real Reason


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In 1993 Thomas Gibson, the star performer of the Criminal Minds started a new one preferably not on the screen. However, he started his own life to marry Christine Gibson. Almost for 20 years being together, they suddenly got separated in 2011 and also filed the divorce case in 2014. Most of us will believe it very hard that after a long marriage time comes to an end. But, it could be the right decision made by the couple in this case.

In 2013, the star performer of the Dharma & Greg falls with a Cat-fishing scheme behind a woman. It claims that the Thomas & star performer was in a relationship for almost 2 years. The woman revealed the truth with videos and pictures, but Thomas informed that they were edited and a false one. She informed that this could be a reason why Christine & Thomas started to separate. However, Thomas said that during the time they were already got separated and not just decided.

Reason for Divorce (Thomas Gibson & Christine Gibson)

Thomas Gibson, who is also referred to as “Aaron” (Criminal Minds) had decided to file a divorce case against her wife Christine Gibson (who lived with him for 20 years) in 2014. During the case filing, the old actor informed that he & Christine Gibson had lived together as wife & husband for numerous years. Due to conflict or discord of personalities, their marriage life becomes insupportable. The legitimate end will destroy the marriage relationship and as well as prevent the reconciliation with reasonable expectation.

Thomas Gibson family photo

With the support of the general denial, Christine responded to the counter-petition of Gibson’s in 2015. However, in February 2018, the divorce between these couples was finalized officially. Both of them had signed an agreement to pay around $3,000 per month for their child support, three children: Agatha (one daughter) and Parker & James (two sons). According to the court order, Thomas Gibson is allowed to stay with his kids every weekend at the San Antonio family’s home.

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Thomas maintain his divorce as a Secret

Thomas Gibson, the actor planned to maintain his private life entirely away from others after ending his marriage life. They spent more time in mediation. It is kept in private since the kids are hard enough to deal with than the public fans. He and Christine planned to stay with their kids by switching off at the San Antonio home. He said that as a parent, we will do the best and also continue the same for their kids. Gibson planned to provide support for their children by compensating three thousand dollars per month for their three children.

It can be used to cover the various fees for the documents state, extracurricular activities, and the private school fee. In 2016, Thomas informed that he has to maintain his divorce as a secret to hide it from his children. He said that being a dad for three children is one of the most important parts of his life. However, Thomas Gibson was shocked while hearing that Christine was cheated by him for a woman. But the woman informed that they had an online relationship with Gibson in 2013.

He informed that he got married to Christine Thomas in 1993 and it is important that he never weaken the marriage. They spent more time in mediation. It is kept in private since the kids are hard enough to deal with than the public fans. They planned to switch off and stay with their kids at their family’s home. However, they both prefer to be good parents for their children.

Unknown Facts

In 2016, Thomas Gibson informed the public and also opened up his marriage life and divorce with Christine Gibson and will do the best as parents. Both of them had already decided and kept their divorce as a secret since their children are not able to deal with it. In 1993, Thomas Gibson and Christine Gibson got married and gave their importance to their marriage life. Thomas also informed that he tried to patch or make up things with his wife and tried to save for almost 2 years.

Thomas Gibson photo

Unfortunately, any good things will automatically come to an end and they are now a good parent to their children. In 2013, a woman reported to the TMZ stating that she maintained an online relationship with Thomas and also shared the provocative videos and images. However, he denied the entire allegations and informed that he will never cheat to ruin his marriage life. But Thomas was a little bit surprised while hearing that the public thought that he was cheating his ex-wife Christine Gibson now.

He is facing various controversies not only about his marriage life but also for others. Thomas Gibson is another most important cornerstones or actor of the Criminal Minds. The CBS team ever thought of firing him or his contract when Thomas fought with the writer during the shot. However, the fans decided to boycott the Criminal Minds show and stood by him after his termination.

Thomas Family & Criminal Minds Show

In 1993, Thomas Gibson & Christine Gibson got married and has three children: James (age 17), Travis (age 12), and Agatha (age 12). The news confirmed that Thomas is thrown away from the show after kicking Virgil William, the producer & writer. The statement from CBS Television Studios & ABC Studios informed that they show will be addressed later with a new announcement date. As per the report, Thomas is planned to sue the Criminal Minds producer in the nearby days. Skip Miller, the entertainment industry lawyer informed the public that he is trying to evaluate for pursuing the legal claims along with his partner, Sasha Frid.

Before the day of the dismissal announcement, he informed that they already had various disagreement and different creative sets. The producer & writer informed to regret the occurrence and would like to work together and make the best possibilities as a team. Thomas thanked everyone for their support and friendship through his Twitter account. He also informed that he will always stay connected and directly speak with everyone. Thomas is very much happy to take care of his children and said that not an ending rather could be a beginning for a better one.


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