Selecting footwear is surely not an easy task to perform and it becomes even much harder when we are willing to choose women. Sandals are one of the most preferred options among women. One has to look forward to various options such as leg size, company, model, colour and much more while selecting upon the best option for you. The kind of sandals you are wearing on can change your personality drastically. Do you know what a huge variety of option does sandals have and what kind of sandals one should wear? If not, this guide is going to be a great help for you before going to buy it from market.


Flip Flops

Flip flops are one of the most comfortable sandals for women that are being designed with a foam sole and plastic toe so that the wearer could get the best support here. The basic flip flops come up with simple elastic straps and suits well to various occasions like picnic or beach walks. But if you are willing to enjoy something fancier, you can get the leather straps option as well. These simple looking footwear options are quite versatile and can be worn on with various kinds of outfits also.


Wood Sandals

It is one of the modern and most comfortable sandals for women that are known for its strength and durability.  As the name describes well, these sandals are made up of wood and hence provide great resistance towards water and dust. Shapes and sizes options may vary from person to person and the purpose they are wearing it on.


Leather Sandals

Leather sandals are one of the most favoured sandals options are usually quite famous for the higher price tag they include. Durability is not only the single factor it gives to the users, but one can easily get a huge variety of options over here also. One of the best things about leather sandals is that they are usually lightweight and pliable. In short, you can now easily enjoy a huge variety of colours, sizes, and shapes options just by opting for this variety of sandals for women.



Heels is one of the most favoured segments and includes a place in almost every girl’s wardrobe. It is one of the most versatile sandal options that can be easily worn on with a variety of outfits. Wedge sandals, peep toe, sling backs, stilettos, block heels, strappy sandals, kitten heels and cut out heels are some of the most common options that add up a style and fashion symbol in your wardrobe. Surely comfort level is a little bit lower than that of being provided by the flat sandals for women.


Thong Sandals

It is another one of the most popular flat sandals for women that are supposed to be a great alternative to flip flops. Yet being simpler but one of the most comfortable sandal options, this footwear option is quite familiar in various age groups. They not only provide sexy and stylish looks to you but also provide you a comfortable and easy to wear option as well. Whether you are wearing short skirts or you are wearing casual jeans, these shoes go well with a variety of outfits. White sandals for women with white straps just add more to one’s style.


Gladiator Sandals

If you love to go with the ongoing trend, you might we well aware of the gladiator sandals for women also. Gladiators have become a class, fashion and aesthetics symbol now. The shoes are supposed to be a perfect combination of ancient and modern art that showcase your status. Gladiators usually used to be a shoe option for rich people and soldiers that was supposed to be one of the safest and durable footwear. Gladiators used to be made up of strong and sturdy leather whereas the soles were supposed to be made from thickest and durable materials. But as the trend has changed, gladiators have become a fashion symbol these days.



If you are looking forward to the best orthopaedic sandals for women, pumps are a great option you must have tried your hands on. These are closed-toe sandals for women that one can easily find in each girl’s wardrobe. Whether you are planning for a picnic party or are heading towards office, pumps are one of the wisest options to pick on. We prefer you to choose upon a neutral shade pump option here as these go best with all kinds and colours of outfits.


Platform sandals

If you are willing to purchase a platform sandal, clarks sandals for women are a great choice to make in. platform sandals much more resemble wedges option the only difference here is that they come up as both heel and sole option. Not only the thickness of the sole is greater in platform sandals but it also includes a boost in front and back. One of the best things about platform sandals is that they provide a perfect lift with supportive footbed to the wearer. In short, if you are willing to have the most comfortable shoes for you, platform sandals are a great option to choose in.



Sketchers sandals for women is another one of the most comfortable a simple shoe option that is quite common in the young generation. These are usually rough and tough shoes that can be easily worn on various activities like hiking, cycling, and picnic, etc. if you are looking for a brand name, Nike sandals for women are surely a great option to choose on.



It is one of the trendiest sandals options that are quite common among school and college-going students. Loafers are classic shoes that were supposed to be introduced into the market in the 1900s. The shoes are supposed to be a great complement for your office dress and add up some more into your personality as well. The only thing that goes against loafers is that they don’t suits well to every outfit.

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